9 Point Check-list

More time for your time

Our team works hard to give you the freedom to enjoy life. We know you do not want to spend your weekends and evenings taking maintenance calls, chasing rent, repairing ovens, and meeting prospective tenants etc....... We know you have better things to do. We will do the hard work. We will care for your property investment by taking those after hour calls, choosing great tenants, monitoring income and if necessary, chasing rent.

Here's FIRST NATIONAL Papakura's 9 point plan to successful management:

1.  We Communicate With You - we never forget that YOU are our number 1 client

2.  Routine and comprehensve Inspection Reports with photos

3.  Administration and Financial Systems - Protecting your investment - saving time and money

4.  Legal and Insurance Responsibilities. We stay up to date so and keep you up to date.

5.  Exceptional Tenant Selection Process. Choose the right tenant to care for your investment.

6.  We have a zero tolerance on rent arrears.

7.  Maintenance Care 24/7. You can rest easy. We get the phone call - not you.

8.  Extensive Market Research To Achieve The Best Rent For You

9.  FIRST NATIONAL Papakura are a Team - Skilled people dedicated to your peace of mind

As a measure of our dedication and success we monitor all key functions that are vital to successful property management... we are proud to report that our occupancy rates are over 99 % on average.. Now that's impressive. Our team can visit you to discuss property management options.

Contact us today to get the best return on your investment. 09 298 1234