Why Select Us?

More Time For Your Time

Successful real estate investors choose us for their management needs because FIRST NATIONAL Papakura have the training and experience that free investors from worry. Our job is to deal with problems so as to maximise the investor's potential investment return. Our knowledge of Property Management and the discrete application of that knowledge to each real estate investment are the keys to our success in managing income properties.

Investors choose us for many reasons.
  1. We keep up-to-date on financial and legal developments that affect income property.
  2. Our management specialists are trained in property management techniques. They have a working knowledge of maintenance costs and methods.
  3. Investors come to FIRST NATIONAL Papakura because we do the work while they collect the income. We'd like to do the same for you.

Our management experience and professional know-how at FIRST NATIONAL Papakura can potentially maximise your profits and minimise the worries involved in owning income property.

Keeping your investment property profitable.
We share the common goal of making your income property as financially productive as possible.

To maximise your opportunity for profits we will:
  1. Fill upcoming vacancies swiftly to gain maximum occupancy and income to you.
  2. Set rents accordingly to gain maximum occupancy and income for you.
  3. Collect rents promptly. We have a zero tolerance on rent arrears
  4. Review and recommend rent increases if required twice a year.
  5. Carefully screen tenants. We have a comprehensive tenant selection procedure.
  6. Administer renewals, renegotiations, and when necessary terminations.
  7. Offer you a specifically designed insurance for landlords
       8. Communicate with you on a regular basis, keeping you fully informed of the total management picture of your income property.

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Maintaining your income property keeps it productive.
The future value of your real estate investment depends upon maintaining its overall physical condition. We make a point of keeping income properties at their competitive best by...
  • Regularly inspecting those properties to make sure everything is in order and providing you a detailed report.
  • Overseeing maintenance and repairs.
  • Recommending and supervising improvements that keep the property competitive and at it's income-producing best.

Keeping you informed.
Administering your investment property means keeping you worry-free and fully informed. Your account will be maintained using computer software specifically designed for property management.

Our software is constantly being improved. We will always have the most current updated software.

You can count on:
  • Accounting work accurately prepared and completed.
  • Audited Trust Account.
  • Expenses distributed on time.
  • Bookkeeping that is accurate and current.
  • Monthly statements prepared and delivered to you on schedule.

You'll benefit from FIRST NATIONAL Papakura professional management.
When it comes to investment property management, we know that FIRST NATIONAL Papakura Property Management is the best. You be the judge. We think you'll join other successful investors who feel they can't afford to do without our property management services. We are committed to:
  • Minimising your personal time and stress, while maximising your income. It's that simple!

It all adds up to a bright investment future.
We'll provide you with a full picture of the state of the real estate market. We'll show you how your property measures up to comparable income properties. And we'll advise you how to sell property you currently own, or how to acquire income property to improve your investment base and income.

Isn't it time you put FIRST NATIONAL Papakura Property Management to work for you? Whether you currently own or are interested in acquiring income property, contact our team anytime for an appointment to discuss your needs. Let's talk real estate investment and what we can do for you.

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